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Aethran Overmaster

Aethran Overmaster

Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Tom Filsinger
Drawn by Darryl Banks
Colored by Jeff Corbett


The Overmaster was the leader of the Aethran military during Spike's regime but he grew increasingly frustrated by Spike's middle-of-the-road diplomacy. In fact, many Aethrans yearned for the days of military interventions and conflict and the Overmaster saw he had a chance to overthrow Spike. Suddenly in 2123 the Overmaster's plans came to fruition thanks to help from Paralyze and Rush. A series of rapid battles ensued on Aethra, but the outcome was never in doubt with the Overmaster controlling the the Aethran military. Spike was captured and put in jail and the Overmaster grabbed the reins as the new Prime Minister of War. Since overthrows of their leaders are the accepted method of political change on Aethra, this victory has largely been greeted by great support on the planet. Upon his victory the Overmaster ordered Disaster and Rage also placed behind bars because they were supporters of Spike. The Overmaster has put together a new team to enter the GWF. The Gladiators have always viewed wrestling in the GWF as far more than sports or entertainment. They felt it was a chance to show the cosmos that Aethrans were the best fighters and they strived for perfection and intimidation. The Overmaster felt that Spike had not been fulfilling this goal and that the Gladiator team had fallen to the second tier in the GWF. As a top fighter in his own right, the Overmaster entered the GWF as the leader of the new Gladiator team to restore the Aethran dominance to the GWF. In an attempt to forestall a feud with the Gladiators, Sly Drury offered the Overmaster the position of Co-Commissioner for 2125. The Overmaster also brought Turmoil into the GWF to be one half of the newest version of the Gladiators tag-team. He was also responsible for the accident which injured Monolith and placed him on the sidelines until at least 2126. With the return of Monolith in 2126, the Overmaster brought a bodyguard into the GWF to help watch the Gladiators backs. The Leveler is either a man in a metal suit, or some form of robot. With the departure of Sly Drury, the Overmaster was named one of the revolving Co-Commissioners. He also formed a tag-team on occasion with Paralyze. With the hiring of a new commissioner in 2127, Overmaster is devoted full-time to his plans to take over the GWF. He doesn't believe that the Black Death is real, but thinks that it is a ploy to stop his plans. Under the constant urging of Endgame, Overmaster formed an uneasy alliance with Endgame and Monolith in 2128, but when Endgame fell victim to the Black Death in 2129 the alliance fell apart and Overmaster returned to his plans to take over the GWF

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER (flying Decapitator to opponent sitting on top turnbuckle)

Championships and Accomplishments

Galaxian Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

Aethran Minister of War 2124-
GWF Co-commissioner 2125
GWF Commissioner 2126

Mini Champions


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