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Archon of Centaurus

Archon of Centaurus

Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Tom Filsinger
Drawn by Brian Bendis
Colored by Werner Mueck

Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Tom Filsinger
Drawn by Jeremy Su
Colored by N/A


It's rare to find truly noble people in a business that thrives on hand-to-hand combat and victory at all costs. But when he came to the GWF, Archon of Centaurus was one of those people. Entering the GWF in 2102 with partner Crossfire, Archon displayed a different style than most wrestlers or fans were used to. Rather that bow to an "act of cowardice" like leaving the ring when the going gets rough, Archon never "took a walk" during a match, preferring to live or die by the submission style of wrestling he's become the master of. Initially a tag-team competitor, he moved mainly to singles competition after the tragic death of Crossfire. He formed a short lived team called No Fear with Pulsar to battle the feared Blazing Skull and Bishop Hell. Archon's incredibly strong principles put him at odds with Lorelei and he left the Centaurians in 2111 and joined forces with a manager sharing the same extremist principles, Commando Sam. It wasn't long before his talk of being a "role model" wore thin with fans, but when the Alien Connection members brutally attacked the FDF to kick off the 2114 Sudden Death feuds, the crowds rallied behind him and his teammates again, propelling them to victory. In the following years, he feuded with Hyper and the Genesis Coalition team until his teammate Atys Tetrac attacked Commando Sam and donned the Manslaughter mask again. This prompted Archon to defend the honor of Sam and the FDF. By 2118, however, Archon left the GWF in an unhappy state. Angered by salary cuts, Sam’s retirement and not feeling he fit in with Stars & Stripes.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

ARCHON SLEEPER CLAMP (atomic knee drop into turnbuckle)
CROSS KNEE RACK (knee bar)
ELBOW HYPEREXTENSION (cross armbreaker)
THE RIOT ACT (atomic knee drop into turnbuckle)

Championships and Accomplishments


Mini Champions

2102       2111

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