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Arena Location Capacity Notes
Achemar Technodrome Eridanus 14,947
Adonis Athletic Centre Asteroid Belt 13,936
Aegyptus Shrine Hall Al Na' ir Grus 16,765
Aethra War Dome Aethra 58,602
Albireo Bowl Cygnus 17,022
Aldebaran Exposition Centre Taurus 8,710
Algol Double Star Arena Perseus 14,178
Aladdin's Castle Aladfar, Lyrae 22,320
Alpha Centauri Colonnade Centaurus 33,835
Alphard Dungeon Hydra 42,560
Alpheratz Sun Tower Andromeda 18,135
Altair Crystal Palace Aquila 24,893
Amazon Arena Bellatrix, Orion 104,345
Ameb Arcade Lepus 20,733
Andromeda Nebula Pavilion Beta Andromedae 47,921
Antares Firedome Scorpio 22,079
Ant Hill, The Menzel 3 9,013
Antilles Air Dome Antilles 13,694
Apollo Heliodome Asteroid Belt 17,750
Apus Aviary and Bird of Paradise Pavilion Apis Apodis 9,384
Aquarian Aqua Amphitheater Aquarius 23,358
Ara Champions Hall Ara 45,558
Arcturus Parthenon Bootes 28,755
Argonaut ConsortiumThe Argonaut Consortium of Argo Navis has one of the most unique arrangements in the galaxy. There are four stadiums. Each is sold equally, with no announcement as to which arena will actually host the event. On the night of the event fans crowd into all the stadiums, usually selling them out. One hosts the live event, the other three see the event on the finest quality, holo-projection equipment available in the galaxy. This type of projection casts a 3-D image to the middle of the arena, giving the appearance of the event actually occurring right there in the arena. Fans at any of the arenas are never disappointed in the show they see.
    - Carina ColiseumArgo Navis 6,321
    - Puppis CaptainsWheel Puppis 10,552
    - Pyxis Compass SpectrumPyxis 8,135
    - Vela Seawinds StadiumCanopus 16,410
Arena TarkaniaTarkania, Centra Prime 29,787This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Ariel Armory Uranus 8,692
Ashby Athletic Fieldhouse Markab Pegasus 9,072
Assassin IslandAchenar1,950Primarily used by the GWFZ Assassin Island Zone

While Assassin Island itself is very large, housing a community of over 7,000 devoted Assassin followers, the arena on the man-made planet is very private. It is stationed underground, where only a very elite select few are allowed to witness the matches there. Intense Assassin vs. Assassin matches take place here where only the Master Assassin, trainers, scientists and advance scouts are allowed inside. Master Assassin runs a tight ship!
Astral Gardens Fomalhaut 26,431
Auriga Chariot Hippodrome Auriga 13,306
Azerod Astral Dome Azerod 21,015
Bastnagelia Theatre Bastnagelia 7,246
Beehive, The Praesepae Cancer 14,221
Bellatrix Constellation Dome Gamma Orionis 21,796
Bermuda TriangleEarth8,600Primarily used by the GWFZ All Earth Zone

One of the most controversial arenas in all the GWFZ Territories. Wrestlers report strange happenings while wrestling in the Bermuda Triangle. More upsets seem to occur in the Bermuda Triangle than in any other arena in the All-Earth Zone. Tag teams seem to always be on edge with each other, and tempers flare here like nowhere else in the territory. Wrestler s often report coming out of some kind of daze, or mind fog after leaving the Bermuda Triangle. It remains a mystery of exactly what, if anything is causing these unsolved mysteries.
Beta Centauri Blue Star Pavilion Centaurus 16,102
Beta Pictoris Stellar Hall Pictor 9,799
Beta Pro Ultimate Sports Centre Alpha Taurine 6,992
Black and Blue Bruisers Auditorium Black Eye Galaxy M64 43,976
Brymstone Battle Dome Betelgeuse Orion 25,108
Bubastis Aelurus Temple Regulus Leo Minor 9,991
Calliope Muse Gardens Asteroid Belt 11,934
Callisto Centroplex Jupiter 56,710
Calypso Cabana Calypso Moon, Saturn 10,608
Camel's Hump, The Camelopardus 17,903
Cancri Canopy Cancri 55, Cancer 34,599
Canopus Civic Coliseum Carina 9,672
Capella Star Gardens Auriga 11,749
Cassini Auditorium Mars 20,120
Castor Twin Towers Gemini 16,381
Cathedral of the Swirling Mists Ring Nebula, Orion 36,623
Centre of the Universe Palace Circinus 19,535
Centra PalladiumCentrapolis, Centra Prime 45,640This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Ceres Amphitheatre Asteroid Belt 20,056
Champions HallCeres 56,000Primarily used by the GWFZ Hall of Fame Zone

A lesson in futuristic luxury. Massive 3XHD screens, heated seats, and luxury suites equipped with in room life-like holograph theater vision. Considered to be one of the most impressive and popular arenas in the galaxy.
Chariot of the Gods Auriga 25,144
Charon Ice Castle Pluto 31,116
Chiaron Temple Rigel Kent, Centaurus 9,907
Chiron Obelisk Asteroid Belt 10,240
Coal Miner's Depot, The Coal Sack Dust Cloud 9,120
Colonnade of the Southern Cross Crux 29,847
Columba Parthenon Columba 7,457
Columbae Peace Pavilion Columbae 13,845
Cor Caroli Diamond Dome Canes Venatici 14,366
Corona Convention Centre Eta Carinae 22,133
Court of Palms Pagoda Caph, Cassiopiae 24,592
Crow's Nest, The Corvus 10,433Primarily used by the GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme Zone
Crypt at Draco's Castle, The Draco 22,113Primarily used by the GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme Zone
Cube, The Pallas, Asteroid Belt 13,644
Cybele Palace Asteroid Belt 10,000
Deadpool, The Bezzirides 10,321Primarily used by the GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme Zone
Deimos Intergalactic ArenaMars 203,438This is the primary arena of the GWF and host of the annual Deimos Perennial PPV
Demon Star Auditorium Persei,Algol 35,148
Deneb Sports Arena Cygnus 20,157
Denebola Spiral Arm Stadium Leo 18,409
Dione Saturndome Saturn 21,033
Dogstar Superstructure Sirius, Canis Major 37,356
Double Star Arcade Winecke 4, Ursa Major 9,581Primarily used by the GWFZ Speed Zone

This is the biggest arena in the Speed Zone. It is home to the annual Light Speed All-Territory Invitational Tournament.
Dragon's Liar, The Thuban, Draco 20,037
Eagles Flight Cathedral Altair 19,786Primarily used by the GWFZ Speed Zone
Ecliptic Arena Libra 9,025
Emerald Isle Miranda, Uranus 19,572
Enceladus Horizon Hall Saturn 12,341
Epsilon Playground Epsilon Ring, Uranus 17,144
Equineus Event Centre Horsehead Nebula, Orion 16,323
Eros Exotic Activities Arcade Asteroid Belt 44,465
Eunomia Events Centre Asteroid Belt 8,036
Eureka Asteroid Arena Eureka Asteroid, Mars 38,528
Europa Garden Europa, Jupiter 23,750Primarily used by the GWF Planet Z Zone

The biggest arena in Planet Z. Europa Gardens hosts the most important shows in this territory. Europa Gardens is very beautiful and well respected among all the wrestlers in Planet Z. Due to its historical importance in GWF lore as the site of many important title changes, it is considered an honor and landmark to Main Event a fight in Europa Gardens, Jupiter.
Event Horizon Antila 12,223
Fiesta Grande Sombrero Galaxy, Virgo 13,567
Filsinger's Jamestown Athletic Complex New York, USA, Earth 38,976
Fire Horse Forum Flamsteed 11,987Primarily used by the GWFZ Speed Zone
Fire Island Mercury 35,667
Firebird Arena Phoenicis 13,564
Fish Bowl, The Pisces 61,734
Flamewinds Observatory Oseon 19,678
Four Corners ColiseumRavager Mothership 66,480This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Four Star Forum Asterism, M73 57,569
Fox Den, The Vulpecula 21,995
G W.F. Lunar Arena Earth's Moon 31,249
Galactic Gardens Sunflower Galaxy M63 70,281
Galatea Gymnasium Galatea Moon, Neptune 17,506
Galileo Chateau Europa Moon, Jupiter 14,733
Gamma Ray Superstructure NGC 4151 9,187
Ganymede Stadium Jupiter 30,991
Gaspra Assembly Hall Asteroid Belt 14,663
Gemenid Grand Grotto Asteroid Belt 16,144
Gemma Golden Crown Complex Corona Borealis 16,565
Glacier Sound Pluto 9,050
Graceland Memphis Asteroid 33,451
Great Dog Cantina, The Canis Major 7,624
Great Herds Stockyard Bootes 15,645
Great Horse Coliseum Trojan Asteroid, Asteroid Belt 33,995
Great Hunter Lodge Orion 9,454
GWFZ Lunar ArenaEarth’s Moon31,249Primarily used by the GWFZ All Earth Zone

This is the largest arena in the All Earth Zone. The Lunar Arena is housed with a megalithic holo-glass roof, allowing Earth and space to be seen up close in all its breathtaking glory by fans in attendance.
Hart of Canada-Stampede Memorial Grapplers Canada, Earth 34,789
Heroes and Villains Castle Aldermin, Cepheus 44,987Primarily used by the GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme Zone

The Heroes and Villains Castle is one of the largest arenas in all the GWFZ Territories. It is the biggest arena in the SNX and host to the zone’s grandest fight cards. The giant castle is an ominous sight, surrounded by the great moat of Aldermin, where VIP guests are whisked to their seats on the backs of flying dragons.
Heroes Memorial Hall Perseus I 1 56,235
Heroic Valour Gardens Coma Berenices 12,368
HotTa Hall Fomalhaut, Pisces 24,899
Homam Superior Academy Homam, Pegasus 73,947
Horizon Holodome Unuk, Serpens 17,900
Hutt, The Jabbah 8,790
Hyades Pyramid Taurus 11,025
Hyperion Craterdome Saturn 19,896
Iapetus Scope Saturn 10,632
Icarus Spectrum Earth 15,975
Ice OceanPluto3,200Primarily used by the GWFZ Planet Z Zone

Much like Pluto itself, Ice Ocean is a remote area, found dead set in the middle of Pluto’s largest water mass. The arena is built into a giant frozen wave that has stood tall for billions of years.
Iditarod Igloo Eskimo Nebula NGC 2392, Gemini 23,922
Intergalactic Grand Grotto Callisto Moon, Jupiter 63,456
IO Coliseum Jupiter 125,005
Ishtar Terrace Ishtar Terra, Venus 29,756
Ipyxidis Shipyards Ipyxidis 43,799
Jamie B. Wilson ArenaAsteroid Belt3,100Primarily used by the GWFZ Danger Zone

The “JBW” is a very special part of GWFZ Territories. Named after the innovator of hardcore, Jamie B. Wilson. Jamie is forever remembered on each fight card by both the fans and the wrestlers. This is also home to the Old School Hardcore Classics. Some of the best action in all the COTGalaxy takes place in this tiny corner of the universe! The bloodiest, nastiest, most insane hardcore matches in all the GWFZ Territories happen here! Many of them invented by Jamie B. Wilson himself! Jamie B. Wilson Arena is a very exclusive venue, where every seat in the house sells out in a matter of neo-seconds every fight card. Every wrestler in GWFZ Territories (and the GWF!) considers it a career highlight to wrestle a hardcore match at Jamie B. Wilson Arena.
Janus Star Center Saturn 14,784
Juno Civic Auditorium Asteroid Belt 10,891Primarily used by the GWFZ Danger Zone

The home of the new school GWFZ hardcore fighters. These fighters train here and hold fight card vs. each other here. It’s a very old arena with a classic underground vibe. The fans on this side of the tracks are fiercely loyal to the new school fighters, and staunch defender of their favorites when the self-proclaimed old school originals roll into town looking for trouble!
KitTa Australis Armory Libra 16,553
Kobe BattledomeNeo-Kobe Asteroid, Asteroid Belt 51,695Primarily used by the GWFZ Danger Zone

By far the biggest arena in the Danger Zone. It can be a nerve racking experience attending a fight card at the Kobe Battledome. Massive asteroids crash against the impenetrable see through dome all throughout the fight card! When it’s new school vs. old school this is usually where it takes place. Especially the biggest shows when both sides are involved. Neo-Kobe is also the home of hardcore legend, Crow! He is the no.1 draw at the Kobe Battlezone.
Lagoon at M8, The Sagittarius 9,100
Lava Ruins Brymstone, Betelgeuse, Orion 99,900
Luna Auditorium Earth's Moon 32,339
Lycan LairLyra5,129Primarily used by the GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme Zone
Lynx Lair Lyncis 14,365
Lyra Orchestra Hall Lyra 10,325
Maelstrom Solarium The Great Nebula, Orion 36,654
Magnus Colby Memorial175,000Primarily used by the GWFZ CPC Zone

Built in honor of Magnus Colby, the MCM boats the biggest Holovison screens in all the Z territories. ATM machines can be found every 100 feet along the pavilion. The MCM is laced with fine dining restaurants, and flaunts an incredible 10 star hotel that comfortably accommodates the richest and most popular movie stars and politicians in the galaxy. The wrestling arena is part of the hotel, centered so guests can view the matches live from their hotel rooms. It’s the greatest hotel in the galaxy!
Many Moons Fieldhouse Elara Moon, Jupiter 23,893
Marishula Gridiron Field Delphinus 34,465
Marsh Pit at the Swamp, The Mangrove 25 7,790Primarily used by the GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme Zone
Matador's Great Bull Ring Taurus 38,881
Maxus Trinary Towers Auriga 49,288
Mecatoid MegadomeKing Moon of Mecatoid 27,391This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Milky Way Cathedral Polaris 26,301
Mimas Spectrum Saturn 26,832
Miranda Center Uranus 9,420
Mira Ceti War Memorial Cetus 50,000
Mira Galaxy Dome Cetus 26,696
Mizar Solarsphere Ursa Major 17,944
Morning Star Temple Venus 37,000
Mountain Top Pavilion Oberon Moon, Uranus 11,919
Mouse Trap, The Twin Mice Spiral Galaxies 31,654
Muthalla Ancient Monastery Rasal Muthalla 7,777Primarily used by the GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme Zone
Neibo Civic Centre Xanthanus 14,801
Nereid Starplex Neptune 40,300
New Globe Theatre Puck Moon, Uranus 7,984
New Greenland Event Centre New Greenland Colony NGC7 6,822
Niagara Tower of LightsNew York, USA, Earth 52,627This arena was the site of the first ever GWF card
Nightmare PalaceBrymstone6,666Primarily used by the GWFZ Sisters of the Stars Zone

Nightmare Nikki has opened up her personal arena for the Sisterhood of the Stars. This is one place where the fans tend to cheer the villains and boo the heroes.
Northern Cross Auditorium Cygnus 13,700
Oberon Civic Center Uranus 33,790
Octagon House, TheAsteroid Belt1,400Primarily used by the GWFZ Ultimate Fight Zone

The training grounds for the UFZ fighters. This is where they prepare for their biggest fights of the year. It is also a school for future UFZ hopefuls. The crowds here are VIP only, usually made up of trainers, scouts and a select few UFZ Fan Club members.
Old Faithful Observatory Stellar Jet HH47 6,924
Olympus Mons Acropolis Mars 33,067
Outer Rim Outpost Eldsib 5,998
Paradise PalaceParadise Island, Tarkanian Sea 11,261This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Paragon of Virtue30,000Primarily used by the GWFZ CPC Zone (and formerly the GWFZ Citadel of the Elite Zone)

The main sports arena on the planet. The arena is made of solid gold, and is deemed priceless.

13,000 + new seats were added to the arena when it was purchased by Markus A. Colby in 2129.
Penguin Ice Castle Ohio, USA, Earth 21,534
Phaethon Pantheon Phaethon 22,654
Phobos Sundome Mars 16,862Primarily used by the GWFZ Rings of Saturn Zone

The arena is 100% run by solar power from the sun. The Phobos Sundome is also host to the annual NEXUS CUP tag team tournament, featuring an extensive tag team tournament including tag teams from all over GWFZ Territories. It is decorated with elaborate murals of famous Titan legends. Everyone from Lord Nexus, Dragonmaster and Pulsar to Payback are in full color display for Titan fans on every fight card!
Phoebe Civic Arena Saturn 12,503
Pictor Colonnade of the Arts Pictoris 9,873
Pinwheel, The Triangulum Galaxy, M33 33,333
Pirxa-Plex Ancires 11,065
Planet Vega Hotel and CasinoVega5,500Primarily used by the GWFZ Planet Z Zone

Inside of the luxurious Planet Vega Hotel and Casino is an athletic arena large enough to hot over 5,000 of Vega’s hottest tourists. Mr. Vega books all the cards himself, putting on one of the most popular shows in all the GWFZ Territories. Tickets to shows on Vega are very hard to come by and very, very expensive. Don’t be surprised to see the popular Mr. Vega booking himself in Main Event matches on almost every show!
Pleiades Cluster Center Pleiades 33,821
Polaris Interstellar Stadium Ursa Minor 115,585
Pollux Starfire Arena Gemini 32,841
Pony Dome, The Equuleus 7,632
Praesepe Tower Cancer 26,522
Prantares United Center Rosette Nebula 37,011
Precipice Pavilion at the Oasis Mercury 19,261
Predator's Lair Beta Andromedae 18,480
Procyon Sports Pavilion Canis Minor 10,632
Proud Peacock Parthenon Pavonis 11,313
Queen of the Stars Palace Cassiopeia 25,533
Red Barn at Hamal Hamal, Aries 6,981
Red Ice Arena Mars 29,843
Regulus Civic Stadium Regulus, Leo 21,365
Rhea Forum Saturn 41,345
Rigel Nova Pavilion Orion 31,720
River's End Spectrum Acamar, Eridanus 27,950
Romeo Arena Juliet Moon, Uranus 13,131
Rose Garden, TheTarkania, Centra Prime 15,555This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Roswell SpectrumEarth15,975Primarily used by the GWFZ All Earth Zone

Famous for being the host of site the first ever Earthling vs. Extraterrestrial wrestling match in history. Back then small audiences were made of up of strictly military, scientists and early alien allies. It is now one of the most popular arenas in all the GWFZ Territories with rabid fans from all over America, Earth. Pride is a huge star everywhere in the galaxy, but in Roswell on Earth, he is considered to be one of the biggest wrestling stars on the planet along with his GWF brethren, U.S. Male and American Guy.
Ruins of AntiliaAntilia 5,987This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Sacred Eye Dojo Joo Tseo, Pavo 22,374
Sadal Suud Luck of Luck's Casinos Sadal Suud, Aquarius 29,213
Sagitta Forum Sagitta 10,632
Saiph House, The Saiph, Orion 24,612
Scales of Justice Assembly Hall Zuben el Genubi, Libra 13,233
Seven Sister Stadium Plaiedes 68,091
Sextans Superspeedway Sextantis 119,458
Shrine of the Flaming Star AE Aurigae 46,873
Sickle Den, The Leo 7,250
Sirius Silver Spire Canis Major 19,772
Snake Pit, The Alya, Serpentis 10,412
Solar Flare Stadium Mercury 10,900Primarily used by the GWFZ Planet Z Zone

This is the second biggest arena in the Planet Z territory. Mercury Rising (especially The Phenomenal Swift) are mega stars here, headlining main events nearly every fight card.
Southern Crown Centre Corona Australis 8,560
Southern Sun Memorial HallCentrapolis, Centra Prime 7,420This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Spica Pyramid Virgo 22,295
Spiral Dome Eron 16,543
Star of David Tabernacle Davida Asteroid, Asteroid Belt 12,144
Stargazers Grotto Veil Nebula 27,315
Stasllar TheatrePoccior, Mensa 98,381This is the secondary arena of the GWF
Superba Sports Club Neutrat 12,629
Supernova Solarium Delphinus 10,287
Sycorax Circus Sycorax, Uranus 19,999
Syndicate StadiumPrimus 32,840This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Tadpole Palladium Tadpole Galaxy,ARP 88 25,784
TeePee, The Indus 26,531
Terronaut Towers Nuprania 13,927
Tethys Sports Center Saturn 24,131
Timekeepers Clocktower Palladium Horologium 21,676
Tirion Sports Palace Tirion 47,215
Titan Sportatorium Saturn 52,771
Titania Tower Uranus 18,542
Total Eclipse Arena Darkside of Earth's Moon 24,208
Tranquility Base Lunar Arena Earth's Moon 31,019
Trapezium, The Orion 21,451
Triangle, The Trifid Nebula 18,907
Triton Pavilion Neptune 26,069
Trojan Warhorse ArenaAsteroid Belt 16,662Primarily used by the GWFZ Ultimate Fight Zone

The second biggest arena in the Danger Zone and the main battle grounds for the UFZ fighters.
Ultra-Sphere Herculis 45,281
Umbriel Sky Dome Uranus 27,389
Unicorn's Horn Entertainment Facility Manceros 34,476
Universal Umbrella Umbriel Moon, Uranus 12,379
Urueta Entertainment Center Urueta 8,111
Vega Palladium Lyra 19,561
Venus Space Station Complex Venus 9,412Primarily used by the GWFZ Planet Z Zone

Home to the Venusian Guard and newcomer, Ceratonin. This is a very rough area. Unwilling to trust others outside their own race, the fans here are unforgiving when visiting fans come through Venus.
Vesta Sports Complex Vesta, Asteroid Belt 15,877
Victory Gardens Earth 105,244
Vipers PitSaturn3,500Primarily used by the GWFZ Rings of Saturn Zone

A school run by Dragonmaster, Pulsar and Ursa Major. With a small arena and old school Indy fed feel, the fans at Vipers Pit are a tight knit fan base. While the many big Titans vs. Assassins feuds play out in the much larger Phobos Sundome, all Titan vs. Titan exhibitions take place here. Vipers Pit is a no-nonsense, dungeon where all matches between students begin and end in a handshake.
Viruta Assembly Hall Virtellia 9,657
Vortex Arena at the Whirlpool M51, NGC5194 31,567
Warrior Village Coliseum Aethra 144,000
Water World ParkNeptune3,640Primarily used by the GWFZ Planet Z Zone

A massive water park on the coast of Nereid, Neptune. Water World opened in the mid -2120’s by former GWF star and Neptunian Space Cropper, Terak. Trading in his zoo keeper keys for sun and waves, Terak has settled down in his old age, becoming a local businessman and wrestling promoter on Neptune. Terak’s water World hosts fight cards for Planet Z on its four thousand acre amusement park full of miles long water slides and ocean front property!
Western PavillionWestland Province, Centra Prime 7,787This arena is located in the Centra Dimension
Whale's Belly, The Menkar, Cetus 34,900
Whirlpool Armory Canes Venatici 17,620
Windchime Theatre, The Ras Algethi 18,245
Wittlesbach Bavarian Playhouse Schieder, Cassiopeia 23,978
Wolfs Den, The Wolf359 18,935Primarily used by the GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme Zone
Xanadu Shangri-La Alphecca Gemma 31,323
Xavier Championship ArenaLondon, England13,742Primarily used by the GWFZ Sisters of the Stars Zone

Named for a couple who helped in the creation of the GWFZ, this is the main arena for the S.O.S. Most supercards are held at this arena.
Y-Plex Space Station Yasaminas 10,011
Yellow Star Circus Castor, Gemini 14,964
Zeliotrope Outer Regions Space Station Blackspace beyond Pluto 8,421
Zuben Space StadiumZubenegenubi, Libra 14,535

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