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Created by Kris Osk and Jeff Gutherz
Designed by Kris Osk and Jeff Gutherz
Drawn by Werner Mueck
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The Jind were a peaceful people whose greatest cultural achievement was the art of the Flux, an almost yoga-like form of passive combat that combined deep meditation and a supernatural agility. Aurora was their sibyl and high priestess and lived a totally tranquil existence up until an army from CTA-102 led by Suzerain Supmin attacked the Jind. Although many of her friends and family were slaughtered, Aurora managed to escape to Titan. The fact that Titan harbored her as a political refugee resulted in an attack from CTA-102, causing decades long animosity between the two armies that last until this very day. Aurora again escaped - this time alongside her personal guard, the Titan Paladin Gryphon - but the two were followed by an assassin from Brymstone. On Pleiades, this assassin, the techno-demon known as Legion, would make a final attempt on Aurora’s life but the Jin priestess saved her own life and used Legion’s personal spacecraft to destroy the creature. Aurora was only safe temporarily as she still had to fight Jack Hood and his men for her life. And while Jack Hood has recently come back into the public eye, her fate remains a mystery.

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