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Dorado Sundown is generally regarded by GWF historians as one of the best teams in the GWF's early history. Hailing from the Dorado star system, Blacklash and Bullwhip took the GWF by storm in 2074, vowing to take over the federation before anyone knew what hit it! The two wrestlers were what we would refer to as "Western Outlaw" types. In fact, their home star system's inhabitants were the originators of what we would call a Western style! Inhabitants from Dorado, brawlers and troublemakers, have traveled throughout the star systems for millions of years, secretly landing on planets and spreading their style throughout the universe. So both men were rough and rugged brawlers. It should be noted, however, that Blacklash did possess an impressive array of technical wrestling moves, which made the team all the more dangerous. The two men were very competent as singles wrestlers as well. Standing in the way of them taking over the GWF were none other than the legendary Omega and Morpheus, who banded together for the only time in GWF history to stop Dorado Sundown. The two teams battled many times in the squared circle, with the team of Omega and Morpheus finally emerging victorious. Only Dorado Sundown, villains that they were, could unite those two bitter rivals. Frustrated in their attempts to take over the GWF, they left the fed in 2076. They joined a smaller federation in Alpha Centauri and were active until 2093.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

SUNDOWN (falling head rammer)
RUSTLER'S STAMPEDE (combination: jump feet first from opposite turnbuckles onto prone opponent)

Championships and Accomplishments


Mini Champions


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