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Blood was a hardcore legend of the POW, before there was such a term. He was known for going through almost every type of match imaginable. He's a no-frills kind of guy, wearing simple trunks without any fancy attire. He smokes a cigar on the way to the ring and during interviews. He didn't comb his hair nor did he shave often. He was incredibly popular in the POW, but he had less appeal to the mainstream audience of the GWF. Nevertheless, Blood was still respected, especially when he challenged anyone who he viewed as a complainer. He saw some good success as both a singles and tag-team competitor; although he's best known for the Defiance tag-team he formed with Jammer. After leaving the GWF, Blood and Jammer became bored with retirement and helped form the Outlaw Fight Club on Albiero.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

SCAR TISSUE (full nelson to opponent lying face-down on the mat)

Championships and Accomplishments

Co-Founder of the OFC

Mini Champions


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