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Aethran slave, Aerron,
receiving a Cleansing
First Mention: GWF Invasion 2090 Handbook

The Cleansing is an ancient Aethran ritual administered to Aethrans as part of the initiation process of becoming a Gladiator. Cleansings are then administered to Gladiators every x years to...

Not much is known about the mysterious and secretive ritual itself, other than it is administer by the religious sect of Aethran Zealots. The process involves ceremoniously dunking the head of the recipient several times into a baptismal-like font filled with thick, plasma-like liquid that resembles blood. An unknown ancient power or magic is involved as well. The process is excruciatingly painful and has been known to push even the mightiest of recipients to the brink of death.

Following the first Cleansing of a Gladiator, he is given a name which symbolizes what they are, what they have accomplished and what they represent.

List of Cleansing Recipients

Several characters in the Champions of the Galaxy mythos have received documented Cleansings, including:

Screw - 2054
Massacre - 2090
Brute - 2090

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