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One of the most tragic stories in wrestling history no matter what the era, Crossfire is a prime example of great potential brutally snuffed out. Debuting with partner Archon in 2102 as Centaurus Cluster with the newly formed Colby-Pelf Corporation, Crossfire was a tag-team wrestler par excellence in his short stint in the GWF. He and Archon worked their way up through the rankings and may have challenged for the belts had Crossfire not met a fateful end in a match on January 22, 2103 at Brymstone. In that encounter, Blazing Skull's protective headgear, which he was forced to wear by GWF officials, either slipped loose or was intentionally loosened-depending on whom one believes-and at a critical juncture when Crossfire's face was near to Skull's, an inferno shot forth, enveloping the young Centaurian. Sadly, the injuries inflicted on him were fatal, and the galaxy mourned the loss of a young man just coming into his prime. In later years, his brother Blade and mother Lorelei were to enter the GWF to attempt to avenge what they believe was anything but an accidental happening. A side note: A skin graft from Crossfire's leg was taken before his burial, possibly for cloning. Crossfire's wrestling days, therefore, may not be numbered, after all.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

BOW AND ARROW (sunset flip)
CROSSFIRE (combination: Archon applies CROSS KNEE RACK, Crossfire hits leg drop off top rope)

Championships and Accomplishments


Mini Champions


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