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The following is a collection of the major and more lesser known wrestling federations that have contributed to the Champions of the Galaxy mythos.

Federation First Official Mention Known Competitors Notes
aCe Adversaries for Centra's Essence
All-Centra Entertainment
aCe 2119: A Dimension Divided Too numerous to mention Professional wrestling was already extremely popular in the Centra Dimension following the success of first the GWFC and then later the CWF.

This being the case, the aCe was founded as a means for four warring factions to safely compete for control of the most precious element in the universe: the essence, while simultaneously providing entertainment to the masses of Centra. Originally, the aCe stood for: adversaries for Centra's essence.

Eventually fears would be realized and villainous individuals and actions would disrupt the sanctity installed through the existence of the aCe. The federation stood strong through the outbreak of war and plague and became the central staging ground for vicious and violent battles between members of factions that were simultaneously waging war on battlefields across Centra.

Consequential and cataclysmic events outside the ring caused the original incarnation of the aCe to essentially implode, and there was over a year of recovery where Centra fostered no federation.

Demand rose amongst the rebuilding citizens of Centra for a rebirth of the aCe. And so was founded all-Centra entertainment. It was a slicker promotion that introduced many new stars while keeping alive tradition through the legendary careers of many former adversaries for Centra's essence.

Unfortunately all-Centra entertainment would suffer nearly the same fate as the original aCe, falling victim to circumstances even more threatening than those that shut down it down the first time.

Will the aCe ever rise again?
ACWA Alpha Centauri Wrestling Alliance GWF Classics 2074 Blacklash
After losing their feud against Morpheus and Omega, ground-breaking tag-team Dorado Sundown would leave the GWF for the ACWA.
AFW Aran Federation of Wrestling Sudden Death 2103 Atman
Dark Justice
The Dominator
Another company that has had an effect on the GWF through the years, former AFW champion Terminus debuted for the Colby-Pelf Corporation in the GWF in 2103. He would later be joined by former AFW Women’s Champion Velar. Through the years, a few performers such as The Upstart Punks and Atman would debut in the AFW before making the move to the GWF. Well known competitors Dark Justice and the tag-team Elemental Fury left the GWF for the AFW. And when Terminus and Velar made the official move to the CPC full-time, they were challenged there by two-time AFW champion The Dominator.
ALWF Alpha Lyrae Wrestling Federation CPC Conspiracy 2114 Dar Gova
In 2114, when new partner Michiko Ishida was looking for new blood to create an attraction for the financially struggling CPC, she looked to the blood feud between Thayne and Dar Gova that had been drawing packed houses in the ALWF.
BPWF Beta Pictoris Wrestling Federation ? Death Knight II This indy fed is where the original Death Knight took his protegee, Death Knight II to hone his skills.
CBWF Coma Berenices Wrestling Federation CPC Classics 2109 Muss
The Bomb
This small fed was the home and proving ground for Phantasy & The Troubleshooters before Magnus Colby made them part of his spending spree to bring talent from a variety of feds into the CPC.
CCF Centaurus Championship Wrestling Megatournament 2105 Archon
This small fed was the home and training ground to Archon and the late Crossfire. They made their name as a team there before joining the GWF as part of the independent team, wrestling for Magnus Colby.
CPC Colby-Pelf Corporation CPC 2105 Too numerous to mention
CWA Cygnus Wrestling Alliance Revelations 2115 Maelstrom
From what we know of this fed, it’s safe to assume that it is home to a wide variety of alien looking performers. After losing Sudden Death, Mangus left the GWF for the CWA along with his team of Terminus, Velar, and Maelstrom.
CWF Centra Wrestling Federation aCe 2119: A Dimension Divided Avarice
Donk Oaken
Lance At-Las
Nes Kincade
Rorus Oaken
A federation built from scratch by Lance At-Las and Meteor when the GWFC left the Centra Dimension.

While Lance went on to superstar status in the CWF acting as wrestler/commissioner, other former GWF veterans like Meteor and Painmaster paved the way for younger, homegrown talents like Avarice and Nes Kincade.

The CWF folded when Murdok’s Holy War began in late 2118, but the influence it left behind allowed for the formation of the adversaries for Centra’s essence (aCe), which, in turn, would act as a saving grace for the entire Dimension.
ECW Equuleus Championship Wrestling CPC Classics 2109 Zouave This federation was home to Zouave after being eliminated in Sudden Death. He honed his craft for several years before entering the CPC in 2109.
FSW Fighting Stars of Wrestling CPC Conspiracy 2112 Shylock
This fairly popular shoot fighting and MMA-style company was home to Shylock and Xenia immediately before they joined the CPC.
FWA Ferall Wrestling Alliance CPC Classics 2109 Endgame This independent fed was where Endgame debuted in 2110. He quickly outgrew the fed, however, and became known for traveling throughout the universe headlining a variety of wrestling events for the next few years.
GWF Galaxian Wrestling Federation
Galactic Wrestling Federation
Champions of the Galaxy 2087 Too numerous to mention
GWFC Galactic Wrestling Federation of Centra The End 2110 Too numerous to mention
GWFF Galactic Wrestling Fantasy Federation Revolution 2096 Too numerous to mention The Time Laws of 2096 brought about a new era for wrestling fans. In removing restrictions on time travel, wrestlers from every period of time were allowed to enter the squared circle for dream matches. Matches took place on Kronos, an area that exists outside of the time stream. Due to the potential for catastrophic damage to the space-time continuum, fans and competitors who attend matches at Kronos immediately have their memories wiped of the events and no results are ever released outside of Kronos.
GWFZ GWF Zone Promoter Madness 1 Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Hall of Fame Zone GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ All Earth Zone GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Planet Z GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Rings of Saturn GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Assassin Island GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Danger Zone GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Ultimate Fight Zone GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Super Natural Xtreme GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ GWFZoo GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Citadel of the Elite GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Sisters of the Stars GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Speed Zone GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Clone Zone GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
GWFZ Proving Grounds Wrestling GWFZ Territories Too numerous to mention
LWF Legends of Wrestling Federation Revelations 2116 Too numerous to mention The federation originates from Clone World. When Draconian Sheik left the GWF in 2116, he went to work for the LWF. Because of Clone World’s unique biology, it can only be assumed that the LWF is comprised of many performers who bear a ‘striking resemblance’ to wrestling stars of the past.
OFC Outlaw Fight Club CPC Conspiracy 2113 Cypher
Tristan Gelb
No ‘company’ has had as much influence on the then-CPC as this small, underground, illegal shoot fighting group.

It was the proving ground for many future stars like Shylock, Stigma, Pendekar, Cypher, and Rhiannon.

A young Shylock accidentally killed a rookie fighter named Tristan Gelb during an OFC match which led years down the road to one of the most influential feuds in company history when Gelb’s brother would torment Shylock for years as the masked Saboteur.

And when then-Commissioner Prell took advantage of the popularity of the OFC group to create the OFC division, the incredible fan response to these no-hold barred shoot-fighting matches would become the impetus for the eventual rebirth of the POW!!!
POW Pleiades Outlaw Wrestling GWF Classics 2084 Blood
Jack Hood
K.O. Keller
Ricken Prince
Sampson Silver
Solar Flare
POW Pleiades Outlaw Wrestling POW Revival 2122 Too numerous to mention
RRATS Ratlick's Reality, Action and Thrills Spectacular COTG Genesis Jack Hood
Sampson Silver
Ratlick's Reality, Action, & Thrills Spectacular was the promotion that would ultimately act as the straw that broke the camel's back. Due to regular displays of excessive violence, and one in particular on full display in the presence of a UFSP official, the impending decision to outlaw all violent sports was passed into law.

R.R.A.T.S would soon after head underground after it's founder (Ratlick) was murdered in the ultimate act of defiance by top star, Jack Hood. The now illegal fed was renamed P.O.W. and would go on to become the most notorious promotion in history, featuring, for the first time ever, non-scripted pro wrestling action.
SCW Scorpius Championship Wrestling GWF Classics 2084 Zarius (Code Enforcer) The SCW was home to a talented fighter named Zarius. Sometime in 2083 he was approached by Omega to serve as an “enforcer” in the GWF, where violent rule-breakers had begun to get out of hand. Zarius would wrestle as the original Code Enforcer from 2084 until he returned to the SCW in 2087.
SCWA Serpens Cauda Wrestling Alliance Promoter #74 Euritar After a contract dispute with the GWF in 2119, then champion Euritar left and surprised the universe by signing with the SCWA. The owners of this mid-level fed quickly made him part of their main event and Euritar won the SCWA Championship almost immediately. He would be the cornerstone of the company until he left for the CPC in 2121.
SGL Sagitta Grasps League L-FSCE Torin Caelum Underground federation during the ban on violent sports.
SWA Sculptor Wrestling Alliance CPC Classics 2109 Romulus
This minor fed was home to the Upstart Punks after they left the GWF and before the re-emerged in the CPC as the Penthouse Punks.
VCW Vega Championship Wrestling CPC Conspiracy 2112 Raze This mid-level fed was home to Raze, who dominated for a few years and was the champion on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, he began suffering panic attacks and became unreliable in the ring. When the VCW didn’t renew his contract, Raze was snatched up by the CPC in 2112.
WGX Wrestling Group X CPC 2105 Alpha Force
Man of Power (Chaos)
Vector One
Much like the legendary 20th century Earth wrestling promotion the NWA, the WGX is actually a loosely affiliated group of wrestling promotions located in the mysterious Dimension X. It is comprised of three groups named after the vectors or regions of the galaxy: Vector One, Vector Two, and Vector Three. Each Vector has its own champions and belts but all three Vectors exchange talent and wrestlers are free to work anywhere they choose.

The WGX has arguably had as much, if not more, impact on the GWF than other federation in the known universe. Though no one knew his origin, Mesmer became the first wrestler from the WGX to compete in the GWF when he debuted in 2088. He was followed shortly thereafter by wrestlers such as Matador and Chaos (known as Man of Power in the WGX) who would go on to become true legends in the GWF. And as the years passed, many other WGX alumni have passed through the Galaxian Wrestling Federation: the Keepers of the Stone, Janus the Overman, Paragon, and Desolation Factor. Current GWF superstar Endgame spent part of his early career in the WGX. Even though he never competed, Phantast had a major effect on events in the GWF. And a few wrestlers like Holocaust and Tocsin moved on to the WGX after their GWF careers ended.

Heck, it could be argued that the only major WGX champion who didn’t eventually appear in the GWF was former Vector One Champion, um…Vector One. And he would be one of the first stars to sign with the CPC once Magnus Colby officially separated from the GWF.

With the portals between dimensions officially closed since 2119, the events in the WGX have become more of a mystery. But if there’s one thing the past has taught us: never say never. And there is ALWAYS a possibility that the WGX will once again influence the GWF.
WIC Wrestling is Cosmic Black Death 2129 Shayne

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