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Galactic Wars

First Mention: Classics 2079

The Galactic Wars, an epic fifteen year war, devastated much of the cosmos from 2058 to 2073.

Political battles in the CTA-102 system during the early 2050's eventually gave way to actual conflict between the Supmin-led armies and the Saturn moon of Titan. The bloody war lasted over a year before the U.F.S.P. intervened, ending the conflict as CTA-102 is forced to withdraw its forces and unwillingly sign a peace treaty recognizing the right to freedom of speech and political asylum.

Disenfranchised with the ruling, CTA-102 dictator Suzerain Supmin plots revenge, ultimately violating the treaty in 2058 by attacking Titan. The attack sets off a chain of events which leads to a Universe-wide onslaught involving many planets.

Races like the Aethrans ruthlessly attacked anyone and everyone indiscriminately, leading to long-term grudges still felt today. Other planets banded together in an attempt to assist against the onslaught. This led to many long-lasting hostilities, like the one between Earth and Cygnus. Opponents of the U.F.S.P's Pacification Accord and subsequent Non-Violence Act VII argue that with members of the U.F.S.P. advocating peace and non-violence, the galaxy was left defenseless against these more aggressive, violent races.

Ultimately over 12 billion lives are lost in the ensuing bloodbaths and two entire planets are destroyed. One of which was the planet Davvros, destroyed by the Aethrans and their Cosmic Power Bomb, killing over 3 billion innocent people. The planet was not even involved in the war, but was the home of U.F.S.P. Senator Delmore Gobble. Gobble was instrumental in the passing of the original Pacification Accord and also forced the Supmin forces of CTA-102 to withdraw from Titan. Many believe an alliance between a vindictive CTA-102 and the Aethrans is what led to the destruction of Davvros.

This horrific event hastened the end of war as peace was finally declared a year later. There were no victors, only many losers.

Timeline of Events

2050   The Supmin government in the CTA-102 system begin to jail and kill their critics. Dictator, Suzerain Supmin, learns of a political dissident from the planet Jind, who has been working with the U.F.S.P. to undermine him.

Found to be in violation of the recently passed Non-Violence Act VII, the people of the planet Jind in the CTA-102 star system are attacked by the forces of Supmin. Supmin uses the violation as an opportunity to carry out his politically-based attack, hoping to eliminate the dissident. The dissident, Aurora, escapes the CTA-102 system and, unbeknownst to Supmin, finds refuge on Titan.

2054 The people of Titan offer political asylum to Aurora, angering CTA-102 officials who demand she be returned to Supmin to face a prison sentence.

CTA-102 attacks Titan after their refusal to return the political dissident. The bloody war lasts over a year, and many lives are lost.

2055 The U.F.S.P. intervenes and demands that the war between CTA-102 and Titan come to a halt. CTA-102 is forced to withdraw its forces and unwillingly sign a peace treaty recognizing the right to freedom of speech and political asylum.

2058 An army from CTA-102 violates the previously established peace treaty and attacks Titan.

2072 The Aethrans destroy the planet Davvros, in the Shaula system, killing over 3 billion innocent people. The planet is not even involved in the war.

2073 The Galactic Wars end as peace is declared.

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