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Galaxian Code

First Mention: Champions of the Galaxy 2087

In 2085, GWF co-founder Omega created The Galaxian Code (also referred to as The Galactic Code) in response to escalating conflicts within the federation, including the emergence of rule-breaking wrestlers and the formation of groups of wrestlers. All competitors in the GWF were expected to follow and abide by this new code.

The Galaxian code, engraved on a plaque made on Cetus, read as follows:

The Galaxian Code

In order to maintain the integrity and honor
of the sport of wrestling, and in order
to insure that wrestling remains a healthy outlet
for man's aggressive tendencies, wrestlers in
the GWF will not align themselves into any
rule-breaking subgroups. All wrestlers will
essentially retain their neutrality. In order
to enforce this Code, wrestlers should not sign
matches with other wrestlers who explicitly
identify themselves as Heroes or Villains. In
this way the spirit under which the GWF was
created in 2074 may become a symbol fo the
aspirations of all peoples in the galaxy.

In 2108, in the midst of a multi-year takeover attempt by Magnus Colby and Sonora Pelf's CPC organization, GWF Commissioners Omega and Morpheus responded to the threat by creating a new Galactic Code that all contracted GWF employees were expected to adhere to.

The new Code read as follows:

The Galactic Code 2108

In order to protect the future of the GWF,
the greatest wrestling federation in history,
this Code has been established.
All GWF wrestlers must show loyalty
to the GWF and no outside wrestling federations.
Outsiders who attempt to infiltrate the GWF
for the purpose of taking over and destroying the GWF
will be punished and expelled for their insurgency.
Wrestlers within the GWF must not destabilize
the Federation or dishonor the integrity of the sport.
This code will be enforced as is seen fit.

In 2122, faced with an ever increasing criminal element in the GWF, Endgame proposed a new Galaxian Code be created. Despite in the increase of villainous wrestlers with legitimate criminal backgrounds, the move was deemed unpopular and a new version of the code was never created.

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