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Group of Seven

First Mention: CPC Deception 2115

The story behind the five men and two women who comprised the CPC's board of directors from October 2113 to December 2117 begins with Magnus Colby, the influential financier. After creating the CPC with his then-wife, Sonora Pelf in 2105, splitting off officially from the GWF in 2109, and keeping the federation operating underground, literally, through the wrestling ban of 2110-2111, he found his once burgeoning coffers significantly depleted in 2112, and the CPC was in danger of folding. Reluctant to admit his money trouble, Colby sucked up his pride and made appeals to several outside parties to invest in his group. One of those outsiders was Japanese entrepreneur Kenzaburo Ishida, Colby's 50- 50 partner in the IGM Galactamall in the Venus Space Station Complex. While Ishida, who has assets that dwarf even Colby's in his prime wasn’t interested, his wrestling fan daughter, 28-year-old Michiko, was. Using some of her savings, she reached an agreement with Colby that would see the two of them each hold a 25.5% share in the company. The remaining 49% would be covered by five other businesspeople. The most familiar face to wrestling fans of these minor partners was Frenc Kallo, also known as The Collector. Tiberius Prell is a third-generation restaurateur and lifelong wrestling fan; Wilhelm Weissmann is a venture capitalist who has been involved in several successful films; Olivia Swinden was once owner of the SensaBright cosmetics line. Her son aspires to be a pro wrestler someday. And Lim Dist naFon, from a secretive Betelgeusian race called the naMeen, is the most mercurial of the bunch, very rarely speaking to reporters or socializing outside of his close circle. The honeymoon between Colby and Ishida was short-lived, though, as Ishida soon began exercising some clout behind the scenes, telling certain wrestlers they needed to "justify their salaries" or risk being terminated like Grunge and Kati were soon after she arrived. Sometime during 2114, recently returned Brainstorm got in her ear about her poor reputation in the locker room, suggesting a partnership between the two that would be mutually beneficial to both parties. Out of these discussions, Ishida's pet group, Brains and Brawn, was born specifically to combat Colby's favorites, the Penthouse Suite. But Brainstorm fried Holocaust's nervous system, including his "nuclear" right arm, they found themselves embroiled in a feud with Phantasmagoria also. 2116 saw the feud between Colby and Ishida escalate as Colby added the Outlaw Fight Club to his ranks and Ishida added the Masked Assassins to hers. Additionally, Colby's ex-wife, Sonora Pelf, joined Colby and Ishida recruited the Man With the Power, Cordanus. Because of the nature of the contract between them, neither Colby nor Ishida can remove the other from the board of directors unless one of them puts enough money together to buy the other out and the other five members of the group approve of the buy-out. This made board meetings very tense, and many suspected there was plenty of backstage maneuvering as Colby and Ishida tried to curry favor with certain wrestlers, with fellow board members, and with outsiders who might loan them the money they needed for the buyout. In 2117, Ishida, with the financial backing of Cordanus, presented a proposal to the board to buy out Colby and take control of the CPC. On the eve of a vote by the board, Lim Dist naFon was murdered, probably for his involvement in the arrest of gangster Edrick Narfos. At the final pay-per-view of the year, a recorded statement by naFon was played in which he named Jack of Diamonds as his heir. Jack was given one year to decide whether to use naFon's substantial fortune to back either Colby or Ishida, or for some other purpose. This turn of events effectively put Ishida's buy-out plans on hold for a year. In late 2117, everything came to a head. Jack announced that naFon's fortune was going to charity, Cordanus made a bid for naFon's vacant seat in the Group, only to have his bid trumped 14 days later by Sonora Pelf. The Aethrans had deeded a moon to Colby & Pelf, in consideration for past and future considerations, which they then turned around and sold to Ishida's father for enough money to start their own buy-out attempt. It is likely that neither buy-out plan would have been approved by the board had not Brainstorm double-crossed Ishida and gotten her to reveal her real feelings toward the other board members. After the buy-out was approved, Colby & Pelf approached the junior board members about buying out their shares. After some promises were made, they all agreed.

Prell was given the vacant Commissioner's job beginning in 2119, Kallo was given carte blanche to reopen his Collector's Workshop, Swinden was given permission to manage her son, J.J. Smooth's career, and Weissmann returned to his other interests. The Group of Seven was no more, and CPC Wrestling was back in the hands of the people who had started it.


Magnus Colby
Michiko Ishida
Tiberius Prell
Frenc Kallo
Olivia Swinden
Lim Dist naFon
Wilhelm Weissmann

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