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Gryphon Sampson

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Gryphon Sampson
COTG: Genesis

Created by Kris Osk and Jeff Gutherz
Designed by Kris Osk and Jeff Gutherz
Drawn by Werner Mueck
Colored by N/A


Gryphon Sampson was a Paladin; a highly trained member of the Titan royal guard, one of the most respected military forces in the known universe. He also had a past working as the character Sampson Silver in “Ratlick’s Reality, Action & Thrills Spectacular.” Those two worlds came crashing together when a beautiful dissident from the CTA planet of Jind named Aurora fled to Titan. Gryphon became her private guard and the two lived in peace for years before an assassination attempt and an attack by the CTA-102 armada sent them fleeing for their lives to Pleiades, where Gryphon hoped to get help from his former boss and promoter, Ratlick. Unfortunately they were met instead by Jack Hood and his henchmen. And although Gryphon and Aurora would eventually overcome their would-be assassin, and even avoid an attack from an Aethran battalion, whether or not they survived against Jack Hood & Co has never been revealed.

Ring Style

SILVER SPEAR (springboard tackle)

Championships and Accomplishments

Heavyweight Championship

Mini Champions

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