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J.J. Smooth

J.J. Smooth

Created by Mark Ashby
Designed by Mark Ashby
Drawn by Jeremy Su
Colored by N/A


Jonah Swinden surely isn't the only wrestler whose mother is their biggest fan, but most of them didn't get their job because their mother was an owner in the company. Olivia Swinden used her stake in the CPC to get Michiko Ishida to offer Jonah a contract. It was pretty clear to most that this was just a power play on the part of the warring partners to get Olivia's vote on their side. This actually caused a rift between Swinden and Ishida, when Swinden tried to get her son added to Brains and Brawn during their important team-feud with Penthouse Suite. J.J. Smooth also made news early in his tenure when he "accidentally" caught Comedy unmasked, realizing that he looked just like the Mad Jester. This "revelation" brought the newly revamped Franco Jesterelli and Theatre of Pain to the ring. Theatre of Pain attacked J.J. Smooth, but Tragedy never realized it was a set-up until the cameraman Vidtek attacked him! Smooth has been the butt of the jokes for All The World's A Stage, including Vidtek stalking him for nearly a year with hidden cameras, catching him in embarrassing moments. Olivia Swinden convinced Taurine and Romulus to join forces with J.J. Smooth against their common enemy, and she's been forcing them to tag-team with Smooth, a duty that they have been deciding with "Rock, Paper, Scissors!" Things eased up on Smooth a bit once Vidtek left the CPC for the GWF. In 2121, Swinden tried to team Romulus with J.J., but the Punks revolted, leaving J.J. to continue alone, except for his mother. He revised his feud with Comedy during the year. The next year saw Crucible setting his sights on J.J. in a feud that may either make a man of J.J., or else drive him out of wrestling completely.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

PRESSED SMOOTH (butt drop)

Championships and Accomplishments

POW announcer 2124

Mini Champions

2117       2124

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