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Jack Hood

Jack Hood
COTG: Genesis SE, 2050

Created by Kris Osk and Jeff Gutherz
Designed by Kris Osk and Jeff Gutherz
Drawn by Jeremy Su
Colored by N/A
Jack Hood

Created by Kris Osk and Jeff Gutherz
Designed by Mark Ashby
Drawn by Werner Mueck
Colored by N/A


A member of a race with very long lives, Jack Hood was instrumental in forming the original POW in 2050 when wrestling was an outlawed sport. A very ferocious fighter who was known to cripple and maim other fighters, he took over the R.R.A.T.S. by killing its owner and turning it into the POW. Having had his jaw and teeth replaced with metal parts, he was one of the most feared men in the POW. When Omega and Morpheus got the ban on wrestling lifted and started the GWF in 2074, the last person they wanted as a part of it was Hood. At this point he disappeared from public knowledge pretty thoroughly, although he undoubtedly continued to compete in one form or another outside the mainstream. When Faustus Grael was negotiating to purchase the CPC, he began to look for Hood to try to get him to be a part of the federation. Finally throwing enough money and power at Hood to get him to join up, when Grael announced the restructuring of the CPC into the new POW, he also announced that the new POW commissioner would be none other than Jack Hood. Now over 300 but still in his prime, Hood takes his job seriously, but when he feel the itch he will still step into the ring to serve as a roadblock to someone trying to get a title shot.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers
Bloody Knuckles (combination of jabs to the nose)
The Nutcracker (field goal kick to the groin)
Shot O' Jack (spits in opponent's eyes followed by a headbutt)

JUGULAR CLAW (claw hold to the jugular)
THE RIPPER (metallic bite to the jugular)
ORIGINAL OUTLAW (Death Valley Driver)

Championships and Accomplishments

Heavyweight Champion

POW (Original) Founder 2050
POW (Original) Commissioner
POW (Faustus Grael's) Commissioner 2122-2124

Mini Champions

COTG Genesis       2122

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