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Jammer was an intense wrestler who pulled no punches. He was also a veteran of the POW. His Defiance tag-team with Blood was one of the great teams of the early GWF, and they backed down from no one. While Jammer was not one to talk about it much, everyone on the roster had a tremendous amount of respect for his comeback in 2077. His knee injury could have ended his career, but Jammer rehabilitated out of the ring with the same intensity he had inside it. The injury bothered him for the rest of his career, although he never used it as an excuse. In fact, no one outside of Blood knew how bad it was until the knee forced him to retire in 2084. The same intensity that inspired him in the ring drove him in retirement. Along with Blood and several others, he was one of the founders of the Outlaw Fight Club, although he never was able to compete in the OFC due to the condition of his knee.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

BAD NIGHT (cobra clutch)

Championships and Accomplishments

Co-Founder of the OFC

Mini Champions


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