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Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Tom Filsinger
Drawn by Jeremy Su
Colored by N/A

Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Mark Ashby
Drawn by Darryl Banks
Colored by N/A


This monster is the stuff nightmares are made of all across the cosmos. He was brought to the GWF in 2112 as Cordanus' hired muscle. Mensar possesses immense talent that has made him a viable threat in singles and tag action. He teamed with Cordanus as Blacklist for many years. Mensar was favored by Cordanus with title shots that many feel the bruiser could have earned on talent alone. He has remained loyal to Cordanus and was a big part of Takeover's 2114 Sudden Death victory over the GWF Coalition. Mensar feuded with former Takeover teammates Bloodline and Encubus in 2115. The brutish Mensan shocked the galaxy by appearing in the CPC in 2116. He joined Cordanus and Mike Fortune in yet another attempt by Cordanus to take over a federation. Mensar spent the next two years in a brutal feud with various members of the Penthouse Suite. When Cordanus' bid for power failed, Mensar left the CPC with his mentor. In 2121, Prodigy faced a challenge to his authority from the newly signed Euritar. To counteract this challenge he called on Mensar. Wrestling for the first time without Cordanus in his corner since Magnus Colby had said that Cordanus was barred from all CPC arenas, Mensar was given the task of taking Euritar down a notch. With the sale of CPC Wrestling in 2122 and its subsequent renaming as POW Wrestling, Cordanus has been allowed to return to lead Mensar, who faces a feud against fan favorite Dante.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

WRECKING MACHINE (front face lock on top of turnbuckle, followed by a reverse suplex)
HOSTILE TAKEOVER (bearhug into a running falling slam)

Championships and Accomplishments

Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
Heavy Metal/Special Match Championship (1 time)

Heavyweight Championship (3 times)

Mini Champions

2112       2121

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