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Olivia Swinden

J.J. Smooth

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Oliva Swinden was one of the original members of the Group of Seven. She was once the owner of the SensaBright cosmetics line. Her son, Jonah Swinden, was signed, in 2117, to wrestle in the CPC. This signing took place largely due to the efforts of Michiko Ishida. Many felt this was an attempt by Ishida to sway Oliva to vote for her in the senior partner's bid for power. Jonah used the name J.J. Smooth and would often be accompanied to ringside by his mother. Oliva sold her shares in the Group of Seven in 2118. It was revealed that Ishida was manipulating everyone including Oliva Swinden. She stayed on in an effort to guide her son's wrestling career. Oliva swayed Romulus and Taurine to join forces with J.J. Smooth as Punks3 in 2119. Many have speculated this strange turn of event was due in part to undisclosed financial transactions between Oliva Swinden and the Punks. Oliva felt the experience of the two veterans would be invaluable to the growth of her son's career. The newly formed squad began a feud with All The World's A Stage that continues into 2120. Is Oliva fooling herself by thinking J.J. can improve? Or does she see something the rest of the galaxy does not? Many might think Oliva is delusional here. Only time will give us the answer on that one.

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