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Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Tom Filsinger
Drawn by Darryl Banks
Colored by Jeff Corbett


Patch was an awesome newcomer to the GWF, destined to rank as one of the most controversial wrestlers of all time. Due to his missing eye, many fans boycotted his matches in disgust as Patch scared many men, women, and children at arenas throughout the galaxy. In 2123, Endgame vowed to end the career of Patch before it started and Tauran volunteered to actually fight him one-on-one. But Tauran was distracted by his own physical problems and was not as potent a threat to Patch as was needed. Meanwhile, Patch challenged opponents to “Street suicide” matches. 2124 saw Patch become the Martial Law enforcer. Personally, Patch set his sights on Anivar, who he blamed for an attack by Sleeper Cell which nearly cost Patch the sight in his good eye. A longtime friend of Drury's, Patch could be the only man in the GWF that Drury can trust. 2125 saw him squaring off with Payback in what could have been one of the bloodiest feuds in GWF history. With the departure of Sly Drury, Patch was a man without a home until the Aethran Overmaster offered him a place on the Council of War and got him to ambush Havoc. He was involved in a feud with Havoc in 2126, but also got title matches when Paganax was the rotating commissioner. Patch had a falling out with the rest of the Council of War at the end of 2126 and Ultimate Fighters asked him to join them in creating Fight Club. His feud with Havoc will continue in 2127, as well as fighting Tharkas and the Gladiators. In joining the Fight Club in 2128, Patch joined forces with kindred spirits. He also found himself in feuds with Paganax, Tharkas and Coven Black. With the arrival of his friend Skiver, Patch has left Fight Club in 2129 to train Skiver and team with him. The parting was on good terms. Mean Streets will be feuding with Warriors Born and BD Revolution.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

Street Smarts (step-over toe hold into a cross-face)
Walk the Walk (while holding opponent in wristlock, Patch walks the ropes and comes down with legdrop on arm)

PATCH WORK (COBRA CLUTCH (+1) into a TORTURE RACK (+2) and finishes with Patch dropping to his knees, breaking the opponent’s neck and back over his shoulder (COMPLETE PATCH WORK +3).)

Championships and Accomplishments


Mini Champions


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