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Ricken Prince

Ricken Prince

Created by Mike Melesky
Designed by Mike Melesky
Drawn by Werner Mueck
Colored by N/A


Ricken was one of the big men of the early GWF, which was typified by smaller competitors than the later years. Ricken was also a member of the POW. He was a powerful competitor, and his experience in the POW encouraged him to take some "short cuts" in the ring. While many believed that his ROYAL DECREE had the potential to be a great finisher, he more often finished matches with his BOW TO THE PRINCE move. This move was illegal, but Prince didn't seem to mind the disqualifications, as long as the opponent "bowed down" before his greatness. Jammer blamed Prince for the knee injury that cost him a year of rehabilitation in 2076- 77. Upon his recovery, Jammer and Blood attacked Prince, who was saved by Screw. Although the two had chiefly been opponents throughout their careers, the two put that rivalry aside to face off with Defiance. Many people claim that Prince may have been the inspiration for Thantos' Royal Court, but that has never been proven.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

ROYAL DECREE (reverse neckbreaker)
BOW TO THE PRINCE (low blow)

Championships and Accomplishments


Mini Champions


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