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Rorus Oaken

Rorus Oaken

Created by Kris Osk
Designed by Kris Osk and Larry Swank
Drawn by Darryl Banks
Colored by Chris Summers


When competing as a rookie tag-team in the CWF (Centra Wrestling Federation) in 2118, Rorus and Donk Oaken were known as "The Knuckleheads," partly due to a bruising fighting style and their ability to absorb punishment. Although the Brothers might not have realized it at the time, the knick name was actually given to them based on their lack of intelligence.

While they might not be the brightest duo, there are few men toughter. Spending the last several years training at the Rose center, Rorus and Donk are primed and ready to enter the aCe and dominate the tag-team scene. With the new direction the New School is taking as bounty hunters, the brothers are now the shock troops of the group, being the first to attack their targets.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

Hard as Oak (Rorus uses the top of his head nail opponent with a chinbreaker)
Salt in the Wounds (One of the Bros. Oaken grinds his opponent's face into the mat)
Sand in the Eye (Rorus locks his opponent in a side headlock, then thumbs him in the eye out of the view of the ref. Rorus then punches him repeatedly in the head while opponent’s vision is blurred)

BLACK AND BLUE (Rorus sets his opponent up on the turnbuckle, facing out into the crowd, then climbs up on the second buckle and knocks him back into the ring with a big uppercut)
COUPE DE GRACE (Donk takes the opponent and flips them up in the air with a belly-to-back toss. The opponent is caught by Rorus and brought down hard with a belly-to-back suplex pin)

Championships and Accomplishments

Essence Tag-Team Championship (2 times) - with Donk Oaken as Brothers Oaken

Mini Champions


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