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Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Tom Filsinger
Drawn by Hannibal King
Colored by Jeff Corbett


This huntress's mission upon entering the GWF in 2114 along with Kill Prey was to capture Amazonia, female companion to the main quarry of Thrill of the Chase, Wolf. Her background was somewhat murky at first, as no one was really sure if she and Kill Prey were related, romantically involved, or something else entirely. As it turned out, she was the younger sister of Kill Prey.

Shann-Ra is always a threat to become Women's Champion with her potent arsenal of maneuvers and stealthy ring craft. She has faced off with two of the greatest women wrestlers in GWF history, Amazonia and Thrash and has held her own on numerous occasions. By 2122 Shann-Ra had faced everyone on the female roster and was still stood loyal to Kill Prey. Coaxed out of retirement in 2123 by Sultana, Shann-Ra joined The Resistance. While she was involved in a feud with Phantasy, the question had to linger as to whether membership would garner her any matches with Mother Superior for the women's title. In 2124, Kill Prey retired, but Shann-Ra decided to remain in the GWF. She joined the Federation Defense Fighters and struck up a "friendship" with Tauran. Included in the Infinity Challenge pool in 2125, Shann-Ra was still one of the top female wrestlers in the GWF. For 2126 she was assigned to the AniMen group in the Infinity Challenge. Still a member of the AniMen group in the Infinity Challenge in 2127, Shann-ra is also setting her sights on Alpha Female.

Ring Style

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Championships and Accomplishments

Womens Galaxian Championship (5 times)

Mini Champions


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