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Created by Tom Filsinger
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A mixed martial arts fighter from the Trifid Nebula, Shoot comes to the GWF under a cloud of mystery. Signed by The Dark Menace to help him in his feud with the Aethrans, many wonder why such a successful MMA fighter would suddenly leave it all behind to enter the world of professional wrestling. Rumor has it that he left under the threat of being suspended for bending the rules and getting disqualified. Shoot concentrates on using wrestling maneuvers designed to wear down his opponent and submission holds. He teamed with fellow MMA fighter Clinch to take on Rush and Turmoil during 2125. In 2126 they faced Military Powers in the ring, and Shoot served as one of the revolving co-commissioners. In 2127 along with facing the Gladiators and Military Powers, they will be facing BD Cage Rage in both wrestling and MMA matches. With She Devil on board as a valet, the Ultimate Fighters faced feuds with BD Cage Rage, Warriors Born and the Gladiators in 2128. With Shoot serving as the leader of the team and She Devil serving as their valet, Ultimate Warriors continue their feud with Warriors Born in 2129, along with challenging any Black Death teams, and taking on the new Titan Samurai.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers


Championships and Accomplishments

Fed Name
Galaxian Tag-Team Championship (1 time) - with Clinch as Ultimate Fighters

GWF Commissioner 2126

Mini Champions


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