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Galacticon Bash 2109

Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Tom Filsinger
Drawn by Brian Bendis
Colored by N/A


This immensely talented female competitor hails from CTA-102, the home of the infamous Krakan. He offered Sniper a spot on the HitMen for Hire squad in 2109 which she flatly refused. Sniper would go on to sign with Krakan's hated enemies, the Terrorists. Sniper shocked the wrestling galaxy in 2111 when she announced she was Krakan's daughter! She claimed that Krakan failed as a father and blew her off. She sided with Greg Valentine when his former HitMen teammates turned on him. She has dedicated herself to opposing her father over the next few years. Sniper even wrestled against men for a period of time but that changed in 2112. She teamed with Lord Nexus and the Titans, focusing heavily on the women's division and a feud with Serpentine. Sniper continued to fight alongside the Titans through 2118. When the budget cuts hit in 2119, Sniper disappeared and her whereabouts are unknown.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

TARGET PRACTICE (one-leg kick off top turnbuckle)

Championships and Accomplishments

Womens Galaxian Championship (1 time)

Mini Champions


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