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Created by Tom Filsinger
Designed by Tom Filsinger
Drawn by Brian Bendis
Colored by Werner Mueck


As the only female child of the legendary Omega, Supernova had a tough act to follow when she decided to follow in the family tradition and step into the squared circle in 2102. Many credit her arrival with the heightening of the entire women's division in the GWF, and her battles against Anaxis, Velar the Great, and others certainly pushed her to the pinnacle. A several-time GWF Women's Champion and one-time CPC title-holder, Supernova punishes her opponents with a combination of aerial and power moves that more often than not hit their mark. She became a close friend of Crossfire during his brief career that was cut short by Blazing Skull's fiery cranium. Although concerned about her brother, Star Warrior, after the banning order on wrestling in 2110, she nevertheless decided to make the trip to Dimension Y for two reasons: 1) to continue her tradition of excellence, and 2) to try to persuade Bloodline to come back to the family fold. In this she failed, and her GWF Coalition team also failed to defeat Takeover in the 2114 Sudden Death feud, meaning that her brother Star Warrior would be permanently banished from the GWF. Unable to deal with the blow to her family, Supernova announced her intention to retire, but Star Warrior decided to "banish" her instead.

Ring Style

Signature Maneuvers

SPEED OF LIGHT (sunset flip off turnbuckle)

Championships and Accomplishments

Womens Galaxian Championship (3 times)

Womens Championship (1 time)

Mini Champions


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