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Tiberius Prell

Commissioner Prell
2119 SE

Created by Mark Ashby
Designed by Mark Ashby
Drawn by Jeremy Su
Colored by N/A


Tiberius Prell is one of the original members of the CPC's Group of Seven. He is a long-time wrestling fan that is been involved in his family's restaurant business. He served with the Group of Seven throughout its entire tumultuous existence. Prell was opposed to Ishida's buyout bid initiated in 2117. Rumor had it that Ishida offered Prell the vacant commissioner's position to curry his vote. Prell made comments stating that the commissioner's job would be a great opportunity. He would soon learn that Ishida was manipulating him along with all the others. It came out in 2118 that Ishida had no intention of making Prell the new commissioner. She only said that to get his vote as part of her buyout bid. Prell sold his share of the Group of Seven to Colby and Pelf shortly thereafter. He was then told that the commissioner's job would soon belong to him. On September 30, 2118, Prell took office as the new CPC Commissioner. He showed his business acumen in taking the job with some stipulations in his contract. The job was guaranteed for five years and he had the veto power over hirings and firings for the CPC. Prell felt this would be a "checks and balances" to Colby and Pelf if things ever got out of hand. Not one to sit on his laurels, Prell made his presence known very quickly as the new commissioner. He blocked an attempt by Colby and Pelf to fire Shylock. Prell felt that Shylock and the rest of the OFC would best serve the CPC in a different capacity. His concept received approval from Colby, Pelf and the OFC. The OFC would become a "fed-within-a-fed" as the various members would fight for their own titles. No one other than recognized OFC members could hold these belts. There was a twist to this as the OFC members would be obliged to assist one another when non-members attacked or threatened anyone within the group. Colby and Pelf agreed to this deal for two main reasons. The first was they were allowed to decide two of the members for this group. No one within the OFC would be allowed to veto the choices. They brought in two newcomers Cypher and Rhiannon. Both competitors had ties to Shylock's past. The second reason to agree to this concept was the "almighty dollar." Colby and Pelf saw the potential for a great deal of money in a time of economic crisis. Prell has shown he takes his job very seriously and has no problem standing up to anyone. Colby and Pelf have offered a front-office job to Prodigy who has accepted the position. Rumor has it he is being groomed for something bigger as part of an attempt to obstruct Commissioner Prell's dealings.

Championships and Accomplishments

CPC Group of Seven
CPC Commissioner 2119-2121

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