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United Federation of Stars and Planets (U.F.S.P.)

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First Mention: GWF The End 2109

The first group of celestial inhabitants to make contact with other alien worlds were deemed the "elders". This group formed a unifying alliance of peaceful, intelligent races. This alliance was soon formally established as a federation to act as a unified governing body over the currently unregulated universe. This federation was named the United Federation of Stars and Planets, or U.F.S.P. The U.F.S.P. is made up of representatives from numerous planets across the known Universe.

The Megacosm
The Megacosm was the first building to be jointly constructed by the U.F.S.P. The ornate, domed structure, built thousands of years ago, houses the meetings of the representatives of the U.F.S.P. The ceiling of the Megacosm has paintings depicting the Clouds of the Tarantula Nebula. It utilizes stadium-like seating, crafted from precious elements found throughout the Universe, around a circular floor made of Sagittarian marble. In the center of the floor is a pearlstone podium with lectern for use by the representative who currently has the floor.

The Megacosm

Known Members

Several characters in the Champions of the Galaxy mythos served on the U.F.S.P. at varying points in history, including:

Delmore Gobble - World Senator: Davvros
Cordanus - President
Omega - World Senator: Cetus

Laws and Mandates

The history of the Champions of the Galaxy mythos was shaped, in large part, due to the rulings of the U.F.S.P., including:

The Pacification Accord - 2045
In an attempt to spread peace throughout the universe, this ruling was passed in 2045. Under this law, all contests, including those labeled as "sport", that were deemed unacceptable due to their advocation of violence were eliminated. One such group of casualties who were targeted first, were any leagues promoting the Earth sport known as professional wrestling.

The Non-Violence Act VII - 2050
Passed as an addendum to the Pacification Accord, any public displays or "exhibitions", beyond what was explicitly labeled "sport", that could be interpreted as violence were also outlawed.

CTA-102/Titan Peace Treaty - 2055
A peace treaty ending a year-long conflict between CTA-102 and Titan, while recognizing the right to freedom of speech and political asylum in the CTA-102 system.

Time Laws - 2096
The laws around time travel, previously restricted to a rare number of cases due to the potential for tampering with history, are loosened. For the first time in history, people are allowed to travel BACK in time if they choose to do so. This was previously not allowed.

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