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Champions of the Galaxy Timeline(s)

A Note on Timelines

In the ever-expanding Champions of the Galaxy universe, there are multiple timelines. These timelines exist simultaneously and have no interaction under normal circumstances. The following color-coding and naming conventions are intended to help distinguish one timeline from another:

Prime TimelineThe main storyline that most Champions of the Galaxy fans are familiar with
Alpha TimelineIntroduced in CWF Future Shock 2115 as the home of an alternate Centra Wrestling Federation
Beta TimelineIntroduced in GWF Future Shock 2130 as the timeline of Magnus the Magnanimous and the Future Shock team
Gamma Timeline Introduced in GWF Sudden Death 2135 as the timeline of the Crime Stoppers

900 BC   ...   1100   ...   1200   ...   1947   ...   1961   1962   1963   1964   1965   ...   2045   2046   2047   2048   2049   2050   2051   2052   2053   2054   2055   2056   2057   2058   2059   2060   2061   2062   2063   2064   2065   2066   2067   2068   2069
2070   2071   2072   2073   2074   2075   2076   2077   2078   2079   2080   2081   2082   2083   2084   2085   2086   2087   2088   2089   2090   2091   2092   2093   2094
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2120   2121   2122   2123   2124   2125   2126   2127   2128   2129   2130   2131   2132   2133   2134   2135   ...   2700   ...   2937   2938

    900 BC

  1. Some time this century, the Greek Gods are brought forward in time from Ancient Greece by Omega and Star Warrior.

  2. 1100

  3. Some time this century, French executioner Marcel de Sade is brought forward in time from the Dark Ages illegally, a product of the time travel black market.

  4. 1200

  5. Some time this century, Ghengis Khan is brought forward in time from the Mongol Empire by Thantos.

  6. 1947

  7. Luis Lopez is born.

  8. 1961

  9. Mike Malban becomes the first Earth astronaut to set foot on the moon. During the mission, he and fellow astronaut, Rob Rodman, are exposed to a radiation belt that gives them super powers.

  10. 1962

  11. Malban and Rodman, having adjusted to their newfound abilities and at the urging of Rodman, decide to use their powers for the benefit of humanity as the superheroes Sunman and Blue Dazzler.

  12. 1963

  13. Luis Lopez is involved in an accident during a science demonstration on particle acceleration at a quantum physics laboratory at New York University. As a result of the incident, he gains superhuman abilities.

  14. Sunman and Blue Dazzler join forces with Luis (now going by the superhero name, Speedster), against the deadly mutant Moray Eel. After their successful battle the three men decide to form a super team called the Crime Stoppers to battle criminals and injustice. Using state-of-the-art scientific advancements (and with assistance from NASA), they create a floating headquarters,the Crime Stoppers Power Lab, that hovers above New York City.

  15. 1964

  16. Cosmic Woman, a mysterious visitor from another planet, suddenly appears in Times Square. Disoriented due to transference across time and space, she lashes out at the police and military that try to capture her. The Crime Stoppers intervene to save the day in a battle that turns out instead to be a misunderstanding. Cosmic Woman then joins forces with the Crime Stoppers.

  17. 1965

  18. The Crime Stoppers, engage in a battle against against their arch adversaries, Skull and his team the Killers Four, in the heart of New York City. During the battle, GODSEND appears and takes Skull and the Crime Stoppers with him to the Prime timeline, year 2135, leaving the Gamma timeline in a state of suspended animation.

  19. 2045

  20. Practically all wrestling federations in the galaxy cease to exist due to the Pacification Accord, a regulation from the United Federation of Stars and Planets (U.F.S.P.) to eliminate all violent contests. The mandate targets sports that feature violent actions as a central component of competition. Wrestling is singled out as having a negative and corrupting influence.

  21. True "shoot based" wrestling organizations begin going "underground", illegally continuing operations and attempting to avoid the detection and subsequent wrath of the UFSP.

  22. "Performance" or "work based" entertainment organizations begin emerging as a legal alternative to "shoot based" fighting. One such organization is "Ratlick's Reality, Action, & Thrills Spectacular!" (R.R.A.T.S.)

  23. 2046





  24. Following a violent altercation at a R.R.A.T.S. evenet, attended by UFSP World Senator Delmore Gobble, the UFSP passes Non-Violence Act VII. The Act outlaws any 'exhibition' that could be interpreted as violence.

  25. The Supmin government in the CTA-102 system begin to jail and kill their critics. Dictator, Suzerain Supmin, learns of a political dissident from the planet Jind, who has been working with the UFSP to undermine him.

  26. Found to be in violation of Non-Violence Act VII, the people of the planet Jind in the CTA-102 star system are attacked by the forces of Supmin. Supmin uses the violation as an opportunity to carry out his politically-based attack, hoping to eliminate the dissident. The dissident, Aurora, escapes the CTA-102 system and, unbeknownst to Supmin, finds refuge on Titan.

  27. The Earth vs. Cygnus War begins. During the war, Comrade Terror and Tongsoon meet.

  28. In wake of Act VII, R.R.A.T.S. moves "underground" to continue operation.

  29. The Pleiades Outlaw Wrestling federation (POW), an illegal underground wrestling organization, is formed after a hostile takeover of R.R.A.T.S. by Jack Hood.

  30. 2051




  31. Suzerain Supmin hires the Brymstonian hit-man, Legion, to find and assassinate Aurora.

  32. The people of Titan offer political asylum to Aurora, angering CTA-102 officials who demand she be returned to Supmin to face a prison sentence.

  33. CTA-102 attacks Titan after their refusal to return the political dissident. The bloody war lasts over a year, and many lives are lost.

  34. Aethran slave Aerron becomes the first non-Aethran to receive a Cleansing and is christened Screw.

  35. Screw begins wrestling in the POW.

  36. 2055

    Sampson Silver and Aurora begin wrestling in the POW.

  38. The UFSP intervenes and demands that the war between CTA-102 and Titan come to a halt. CTA-102 is forced to withdraw its forces and unwillingly sign a peace treaty recognizing the right to freedom of speech and political asylum.

  39. Krakan is born.

  40. 2056



  41. The Galactic Wars begin as an army from CTA-102 violates the peace treaty and attacks Titan. Planets from star systems as far away as Cygnus, Corvus, and Dorado take sides and join the war. Over 12 billion people across the galaxy are killed over the next 15 years. Two entire planets are destroyed.

  42. 2059

  43. Lord Nexus is born.

  44. 2060


  45. Star Warrior is born.

  46. 2062

  47. K.O. Keller begins wrestling in the POW.

  48. 2063








  49. Krakan enlists in the CTA-102 fighting army.

  50. April 17

    Krakan's father is killed, and dies in his son's arms, after a failed attack on the Titan Base Delta when Titan forces are warned of the attack ahead of time. A young Krakan vows to dedicate his life to gaining revenge against all Titans.

  51. 2072

  52. The Aethrans destroy the planet Davvros, in the Shaula system, killing over 3 billion innocent people. The planet is not even involved in the war.

    Omega and Morpheus meet for the first time and agree to work together to attempt to revive the sport of wrestling.

  54. 2073

  55. The Galactic Wars end as peace is declared.

  56. Krakan continues secret terrorist attacks throughout the galaxy against the enemies of CTA-102, including Titan.

  57. 2074

  58. Omega and Morpheus leave POW.

  59. The Galaxian Wrestling Federation (GWF) is created by Omega and Morpheus after the two argue that legalizing violent sports would help provide an outlet for instinctual violent urges, in hopes of preventing a more ghastly war in the future. Galactic Champions Incorporated, a producer of advanced technology, financially backs the federation.

  60. Blood, Commander Sam, Cordsar, Jammer, K.O. Keller, Moonstrike, Ricken Prince, Santon, Screw, Solar Flare, Thetis, Torpor, Torin Caelum, Trotarus, and Vortex begin wrestling in the GWF.

  61. The first GWF card takes place at Deimos Intergalactic Arena.

  62. Morpheus wins a tournament to become the first official GWF Heavyweight champion.

    Blacklash and Bullwhip enter the GWF and attempt to take control of the federation.

  64. 2075

  65. Omega wins his first GWF Heavyweight title by defeating his longtime friend/rival Morpheus in his first title defense. The win helps to cement his place as one of the most popular stars in the federation. He hold the title for most of the year.

  66. 2076

  67. Unable to wrest control of the GWF from Omega and Morpheus, Bullwhip and Blacklash leave the GWF and begin wrestling for the ACWA.

  68. Jammer injures his knee in a match and misses the next year of competition while healing.

  69. Morpheus discovers Cosmos wrestling in a local youth league on Maffei II and brings him to the GWF.

  70. Torpor retires from active competition.

  71. Rama, Tano, and Mimic begin wrestling in the GWF.

  72. 2077

  73. Mangus attacks Commander Sam following a match with Torpor. Mangus is allowed to join the GWF and begins feuding with Sam immediately.

  74. Jammer returns to the GWF.

  75. Silvar begins wrestling in the GWF.

  76. 2078

  77. Krakan and Montrol, another CTA-102 military man, meet. Montrol begins helping Krakan carry out his terrorist attacks.

  78. Star Warrior begins training with his father Omega. Cosmos also begins to train with Omega.

  79. Caiman and Hechilles begin wrestling in the GWF

  80. 2079

  81. Screw retires from active competition.

  82. Star Warrior, Parsec, and Tantalis begin wrestling in the GWF.

  83. 2080

  84. Krakan is arrested following one of his terrorist attacks on Titan. Lord Nexus serves as an eyewitness in the trial and Krakan is sentenced to two years in prison on Titan.

  85. Cordsar and Trotarus leave the GWF to form their own federation on Mensa.

  86. Santon departs the GWF without warning.

  87. Mighty Grogan begins wrestling in the GWF.

  88. 2081

  89. Torin Caelum and Ricken Prince retire from active competition.

  90. Sin and Salvation (Polarity) begin wrestling in the GWF.

  91. 2082

  92. The Savage Kingdom, an intergalactic cosmic zoo, is formed by Terak on Neptune.

  93. Thetis and Vortex leave the GWF.

  94. 2083

  95. The Estorians leave the GWF when they are summoned by the Elders of Estoria for unknown reasons to return to their planet.

  96. Thetis and Vortex leave the GWF.

  97. Moonstrike and Solar Flare retire from active competition.

  98. Lord Nexus and Vice begin wrestling in the GWF.

  99. Vice and Polarity form the first known "supergroup" in GWF history, the Gang of Three.

  100. Krakan is released from prison and hires Montrol to enter the GWF and exact revenge on Lord Nexus. He also begins training to enter the GWF himself.

  101. 2084

  102. Star Warrior discovers Massif on Ceres during the 2084 Intergalactic Olympics where he was competing in the powerlifting competition

  103. Vice brutally attacks Silvar following a match. The attack leaves Silvar in a coma for a month, after which he retires from active competition.

  104. The Code Enforcer enters the GWF and begins signing matches with rule-breaking wrestlers and wrestlers beginning to form teams.

  105. Mangus leaves the GWF.

  106. Jammer retires from active competition.

  107. Krakan, Marcel de Sade, and Big Superstar begin wrestling in the GWF.

  108. Wolf, Brute, and Massacre begin training on Aethra to enter the GWF.

  109. The Dark Star Creature is added to the Savage Kingdom cosmic zoo on Neptune.

  110. 2085

  111. Omega writes the Galactic Code in response to emerging conflicts within the federation.

  112. Krakan attacks his partner Montrol and forces him to leave the GWF.

  113. Vice and Big Superstar leave the GWF.

  114. Caiman leaves the GWF to wretle on Mangrove 25.

  115. Morpheus and K.O. Keller retire from active competition.

  116. DragonFighter, Wolf, Brute, and Massacre begin wrestling in the GWF.

  117. 2086

  118. Cosmos changes his name to Thantos.

  119. After a match pitting the GameMasters against Polarity, Sin attacks Thantos with an icepick and brutally stabs him in the face, permanently scarring his face. Following the incident, Thantos publicly denounces Star Warrior for not coming to his aid sooner. Morpheus is seen visiting Thantos in the hospital. Many GWF wrestlers boycott Polarity and refuse to sign matches against them.

  120. Thantos appears on a talk show and destroys the Galactic Code plaque.

  121. The Code Enforcer departs the GWF.

  122. Thantos secretly recruits Exo-King, Killer Queen, and Death Knight to enter the GWF.

  123. Krakan forms the Society of Death by bringing Mutant and Ghengis Khan to the GWF.

  124. Ghengis Khan and Mutant brutally attack DragonFighter and injure him severely, permanently scarring his face. Following the attack, DragonFighter dons a mask and begins wrestling as Pit Viper.

  125. The Greek Gods travel forward in time from ancient Greece to enter the GWF.

  126. Natural Man, Renegade, Dark Star Creature, and Terak (Beast-Rider) enter the GWF.

  127. Pulsar begins wrestling in the GWF.

  128. Marcel de Sade begins wrestling as the Executioner, at the urging of Thantos.

  129. Polarity leaves the GWF, unable to decide which side to join in the hero vs. villain war.

  130. Mighty Grogan leaves the GWF to pursue a career as an Olympic wrestler.

  131. 2087

  132. The Federation Defense Fighters are formed to combat the increasing emergence of "villain" wrestlers in the GWF.

  133. Natural Man begins wrestling as Vanity, at the uging of Killer Queen.

  134. Massif, Comrade Terror, and Beast-Rider begin wrestling in the GWF.

  135. Dark Star Creature leaves the GWF and returns to the Savage Kingdom.

  136. Mimic leaves the GWF to wrestle in the AFW.

  137. 2088

  138. Thantos discovers Psycho and Frenzy while while traveling in Polaris. He convinces them to join the GWF as Man-Mountain and Lightening, the Norse Gods.

  139. Mesmer approaches Omega during a GWF fight card in the constellation Sagittarius. The mysterious figure, hailing from another dimension, senses great evil in Thantos and offers to join the FDF to help defeat the Galaxian Villains.

  140. Vanity raids Beast-Rider's cosmic zoo and steals one of his prized specimens, The Creeper.

  141. Thantos recruits Bishop Hell to join the Royal Court.

  142. Commander Sam recruits a trainee from Earth to join the FDF, the young military man, Adam Blast.

  143. Wolf brings the AniMen, Incredible Badger, Battering Ram and Reptillo, to the GWF to aid in his feud with the Gladiators.

  144. Brute and Massacre recruit Aethra's number one fighter, Spike, to battle the AniMen.

  145. Billy Jo Boxer, Splatter and The Creeper begin wrestling in the GWF.

  146. 2089

  147. Omega officially retires to devote his time to being a manager for the Federation Defense Fighters, becoming the first manager in GWF history.

  148. Omega's first move as a manager is to recruit the Galactic Punisher to the FDF.

  149. Thantos brings the Royal Overlord to the GWF to manage the Royal Court.

  150. Darkos and Krakan hold secret meeting with and Pit Viper, using money, hypnosis and brainwashing to convince him that his attack was actually the fault of Lord Nexus, convincing him to betrat the Titans.

  151. Darkos enters the GWF and buys out the contracts of four established GWF wrestlers (Executioner, Death Knight, Splatter and Pit Viper) to form his own supergroup, The Masked Assassins.

  152. Actagon alerts Solaris, his spiritual mentor, to the menace of Darkos and the Masked Assassins. Solaris forms the Supreme Gods in response.

  153. Amazonia comes the GWF after being hunted throughout the cosmos by the Bounty Hunter and Reynard B. Guile for turning down Guile's offer of marriage. She befriends Wolf, who takes it upon himself to protect her.

  154. Trainer Jim enters the GWF to mange the newly renamed Fighting Titans.

  155. Vanity brings Sweet Thing to the GWF as his valet.

  156. Earthquake, Mad Jester and Tongsoon begin wrestling in the GWF.

  157. Iron Mane wins the prestigious Leader of the Pack torunament on Andromeda.

  158. Bloodline is born.

  159. 2090

  160. Brute and Massacre undergo a Cleansing on Aethra.

  161. Pulsar changes his name to Pulsar Prime.

  162. Beast-Rider changes begins using his real name, Terak.

  163. Amazonia becomes the first female manager in the GWF.

  164. Iron Mane begins wrestling in the GWF.

  165. 2091



  166. Backlash and Bullwhip retire from active competition.

  167. 2094



  168. The new Time Laws are passed by the UFSP. The laws allow for more extensive time travel under certain restrictions, most notably the ability to travel back in time which had not previously been allowed. Because of this, the Greek Gods return to Ancient Greece.

  169. The Galactic Wrestling Fantasy Federation (GWFF) opens under the direction of Solaris. Matches take place on Kronos, a realm that exists outside of time and serves as the intersection of all known dimensions.

  170. 2097

  171. Colossus begins to attend Torin Caelum's wrestling training school in Sagitta.

  172. 2098






  173. January 3

    Ram loses a "Slave Match" to Mandrill and is forced to become his bodyguard.

  174. January 22

    During a match against Blazing Skull on Brymstone, Crossfire is accidentally killed when Skull's protective headpiece fails, resulting in a fatal explosion.

  175. 2104







  176. January 1

    A ban on professional wrestling, spearheaded by President Cordanus is passed by the U.F.S.P.

  177. 2111


  178. October 11

    During a match pitting the Stormtroopers against the Lower World, Powerhouse slips coming off the top rope, landing hard on his neck. Paralyzed for a time, despite regaining mobility, he decides to retire.

  179. November

    Nora Pelf (currently in a relationship with Johnny Rocket) and Paragon are spotted together at an Alpha Centauri resort.

  180. 2113

  181. Morpheus suffers a heart attack. The event is kept a secret from all but his family and closest friends.

  182. August

    Aegis and GWF correspondent Trisis are married.

  183. October

    The Group of Seven are placed in control of operations of the CPC.

  184. 2114


  185. August 4

    Morpheus passes away as a result of his recurring heart problems.

  186. October

    The Mad Jester clone receives a severe beating from the original Mad Jester and the Theatre of Pain, ending his career.

  187. 2116

  188. A new state-of-the-art interview center is unveiled at the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, named appropriately the Morpheus Center in honor of the co-founder and first champion of the GWF.

  189. October

    After a managerial and wrestling career that had lasted over two decades, Cassandra retires and opens a wrestling school with former associate, Dynamo.

  190. November 3

    Gelasia, wife of Thayne, gives birth to twins Shinara (female) and Varon (male). This is the first time, in known history, that a Jardiil woman has birthed the children of an outsider.

  191. 2117

  192. December

    The Group of Seven is dismantled, ceasing operations of the CPC.

  193. 2118

  194. September 30

    Tiberius Prell takes office as the new commissioner of the CPC.

  195. 2119

















  196. GODSEND brings the Crime Stoppers and Skull forward across space and time and forces them to compete in his Sudden Death tournament for the fate of the Gamma timeline.

  197. 2700

  198. Some time this century, technology is developed to allow robotos to be vulnerable and feel pain, allowing them to compete on an equal playing field with organic lifeforms in sporting competions.

  199. 2937

  200. Infinity-Plex enters this universe from a parallel antimatter universe and begins competing in the GWF.

  201. 2938

  202. Infinity-Plex accidentally kills another wrestler during a match when he loses control of his Unstable Force power.

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